Updated: 08/30/16 7 / 8 / 10
Updated: 08/30/16 7 / 8 / 10
Updated: 09/02/16 Ver. 5.0 +

Plays 2D & 3D Videos - Plays all your video formats smoothly (AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV & MKV).
Plays YouTube Videos - Watch streaming videos on YouTube and other websites.
3D Movie Support - Plays 3D videos in SBS and Over / Under with a superb 3D effect.
Movie Subtitle Support - Watch movies with subtitles in any language with SRT files.

Advanced Dynamic Lighting - Dynamic casting of light, color, reflections, shapes and shadows.
CINEVEO's ULTRA 3D Mode™ - Makes you feel as if you are literally inside the movie.
CINEVEO's Stereo PFOV Lighting™ - Extends the movie beyond the edges of the cinema screen.

Integrated Web Browser - Watch videos, surf the web and play games in your own VR Cinema.
Multiplayer Audience - Populate your VR Cinema with an audience of real CINEVEO users.
Integrated Chat - Chat with CINEVEO users, share links to YouTube videos and watch them together.
Customizable Cinema Screen - You can change the size and the shape (curved or flat screen).
Hands-Free Interface Controls - Control all interfaces and menus without external input devices.
Webcam Video - Use your webcam in VR to see what is going on around you in the real world.
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